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Are you seeking legal advice on an issue related to an auto accident? Attorney consultations are available from Aquino Law Group. The same goes for personal injury. Attorney advice can also be supplied for those faced with legal issues related to family law, criminal areas, worker’s compensation, and more. Aquino Law Group is a Las Vegas, NV legal team committed to providing personalized attention to those that need it.

We understand how stressful legal matters can be. We are here to help. In addition to being an auto accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer, here are some of our other specialty areas.

Construction Accident Attorney

Have you been hurt while on the job? We are workers compensation attorneys well-versed in legal cases, whether dealing with an employer, with social security, or an insurance company.

Family Law

A good and experienced family attorney is essential when fighting for your rights, your children, your assets, your peace of mind related to your loved ones and your own well being. Let us help.

Immigration Law

Regardless of whether it’s related to bringing someone over, finding a legal way to stay, or another immigration issue, we are immigration attorneys who would be pleased to review the particulars of your situation.

Las Vegas, Nevada Criminal Attorneys

Are you facing legal ramifications of a drug crime? An attorney is here to help. We can also provide DUI defense attorney services as well.

Our team is here to talk to you about your legal issue. Talk to us about a truck accident, a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or another personal injury. An experienced and well-versed accident attorney is here to help you navigate the complexities of the Las Vegas, NV legal system.

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