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Family visas are generally split into two categories. The first is unlimited, but applies only to immediate relatives — for example, a spouse, unmarried child under age 18 or the parent of a U.S. citizen over the age of 21. The second visa category is limited and depends on family preference. 

Immigration based on marriage is a little bit different, but also unlimited. When marrying a non-U.S. citizen, timing and adjustment of status issues often come into play. A fiancé(e) visa for instance requires marriage within 90 days of arrival in the United States. If your fiancé(e) were currently on a student visa, he or she would likely need to apply for an adjustment of status as well as an I-130 petition based on the marriage. 

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If you were unlawfully present or charged with a crime, we can also discuss whether you will need an immigration waiver called a waiver of inadmissibility.

Why Is Family Preference Important? 

Because of the limited number of visas, family preference determines how long your relative must wait before getting a visa. How is family preference determined? Here are the four general categories: 

First preference — unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens and their children 
Second preference — spouses and children of green card holders (long-term permanent residents) 
Third preference — married children of U.S. citizens and their families 
Fourth preference — brother and sisters of U.S. citizens 
The date a petition is filed becomes the priority date. A Visa Bulletin shows priority dates the agency is processing based on county. It is best to file as soon as possible. I can help you get your relative in line. 

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